Re-uniting with parents and grandparents is a dream for everyone. For which, Canadian government launched an esteem programme in 2011, called Super Visa. Super Visa allows parents or grandparents to live in Canada for up to 2 years and is issued to parents of permanent and Canadian residents.  This is a genuine effort to reunite hundreds of families who has been waiting to join their children in Canada. However, there are some requirements involves in this process, including the children demonstrating their financial ability to sponsor their parents and purchasing a $100,000 one-year insurance plan for them that would cover any unexpected medical costs arising from an unforeseen circumstance during their stay in Canada.
Since the launch of this programme, it garnered considerable attention, and many people used it to help their parents travel to Canada sooner. Many companies responded by developing a variety of flexible plans to assist sponsoring families in protecting their parents and their hard-earned valuables while their stay in Canada.
We understand, the process of obtaining this insurance can be stressful, so we’re here to assist you! We work with all major insurance providers to discover the best plan for your parents that not only gives the most complete coverage, but also at the most affordable rates. We also have an expert staff to assist families with the claim’s procedure, and we have assisted many families successfully. 
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