Canada is a land of entrepreneurs and with all the advantages associated to be an entrepreneur comes with some challenges. Having a plan strategy and a good Financial planner on your side, most of these challenges can be dealt with in the most cost efficient way. To make it simple, no matter how you accumulated your assets, by being self employed or working at a high position for a big name, understanding these strategies is a must, before you are left with no time or little options.

Working hard to reach your goal and managing to keep the hard earning assets for your family are two separate things. Not all plans are made to fit every problem the same way, effective estate transfer strategies while living and after you, can be tailored as per your need. For businesses, strategies like protecting the key employee is like safeguarding the source of wealth for the whole family, who rely on that person and the business for their living. For partnerships, protecting the success of the business with buy sell plans or income replacement plans are strategized to make sure that the source of the income is always flowing to feed the success of your business the way you planned.

We have the desired qualification and experience to make these strategies that take care of our clients’ most hard-earned assets…. their family and their business. After all this is the motivation that drives the whole world and every successful man on this earth had a vision and an execution plan and we rightly heard, Plans never fail, we fail to plan.

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