In modern days, everything is so fancy and at ease. Knowingly, unknowingly we all are paying a cost for this and that’s our lifestyle. We are in a world where we are totally dependent on technology and our jobs require fewer physical efforts, thus leading to some major health issues at early ages. No doubt, the revolution in medical fields has cured a lot of illness, but the consequences on the sufferers and their families, still stay the same.

So, in 1983, Dr Bernard came up with an amazing idea of Critical illness coverage, which helps the patients focus on the recovery instead of the consequences of the illness. These plans are known as living benefits and have gained popularity in the last decade. With humans living longer than ever, but with more health challenges, this turns out to be a trump card in financial planning. In these plans the insured receive a lump sum payment if diagnosed with a covered condition insured by the policy. These plans have mostly been used as savings plans which at maturity pay a lump sum of all the money paid into the plan if the client stays healthy.

Getting coverage is always recommended at a young age or when you are healthy. Our team can sit and analyze your situation and recommend a tailor-made plan that suits your budget and needs. So be it a temporary coverage for your temporary needs or a savings journey to save for your future, we work hard to get you the best plan so that you can focus on the most important asset in your life……your family and you.

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